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Like  Episcopalians  and  Anglicans  around  the  world,  we at Trinity Excelsior are “people of the book,”  which means we worship every  Sunday using the  Book of Common Prayer.  First compiled in  1549, the  Book of Common Prayer has  been evolving ever since,  both rooting  us in our  tradition and  encouraging  new words and expressions in  our worship as our experience of God changes  and deepens over time.  We prize our  connection  to  and relationships  with  one  another.  We understand  that no one person knows all there is to know about God –  that we need other people to learn and deepen our faith.  Each of us has been shaped by life,  and every person's life story has meaning  that  enriches  us.  From our youngest members  to our elders,  we are  grateful  to be connected to  one another.  And most importantly,  there is always  room for more  people!  Trinity  is  a  congregation  that  values  open-hearted  conversations  that  thrive  on curiosity  and  respect difference. We believe in reason and experience,  in the power of questions,  in helping others,  and  in  the  possibilities  of mystery. We  try  hard  to  practice  deep  listening,  everyone has a voice and no one is alone as we walk together in Christ.


Dedication. Discernment. Passion.

Members of the Vestry are the elected leaders of the parish. Partnering with our clergy and staff, the Vestry manages our financial affairs, oversees policies and procedures, establishes action plans, and evolves our beautiful building and grounds. But most importantly, the Vestry cares for the spiritual and programmatic vitality of our church. Through prayer and reflection, the Vestry works hard to align Trinity’s hopes and plans with Jesus’ commandments to love God and our neighbor.

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