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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

In the Gospels, Jesus calls all people to “love your neighbor as yourself.” At Trinity we take this core teaching seriously in our neighborhood and beyond. How do we love ourselves? We care of our physical bodies with healthy food, rest, exercise, health care and safe and comfortable homes. We take care of our minds through education, cultural enrichment, mental health wellness and meaningful work. We tend our spirits through worship, prayer, art, music and participation in a faith community that cares for us and listens to us. These practices are how we love ourselves. Jesus calls us to extend that very specific kind of love to other people, especially to people without the circumstances or resources to provide that kind of love for themselves or their families. 

  • Sojourner Project

    Trinity’s Middle School students have long attached themselves to the Sojourner Project - a domestic abuse shelter in the south Lake Minnetonka area.  Read More
  • ICA Food Shelf

    Trinity serves as one of the sponsoring congregations for ICA Food Shelf which serves over 800 families monthly by providing fresh produce, meat, dairy, and canned/dried goods in a grocery Read More
  • Elections and Voter Registration

    Trinity Church considers itself a “purple parish” – meaning, within our congregation lives the widest possible continuum of political ideology, practice, and affiliation. Read More
  • City House

    City House inspires hope, trust, and healing through spiritual listening with people on the margins – including those people experiencing poverty, addition, and/or imprisonment. Read More
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