LearningGoing deeper into our faith, together

Learning: Going Deeper Into Our Faith, Together

Come Walk With Us

Adult Forum
Sundays | 9:15–10 am | Fireside Room

As a community which values all perspectives, we seek to meet each person where they are in their faith journey, never assuming we are all at the same point. You are invited to join our community on this journey of Adult Faith Formation.

We see the shaping of Christian faith is a life-long journey, a journey often called “faith formation”. Trinity’s faith formation program is designed to provide opportunities for adults to engage in discussions that affirm and challenge their faith through fresh, exciting and interactive experiences. Respectful, open-minded exploration is offered without judgment.

The title of this year’s Adult Faith Formation ministry is “Four Gospel Journey”. The focus is to connect four ancient human questions to the centrality and power of the four gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The combined insights from Alexander John Shaia’s book, Heart and Mind, and each gospel will circle around four important questions:

  1. How do we face change?
  2. How do we move through suffering?
  3. How do we receive joy?
  4. How do we mature in service?

Long before each gospel author created their unique story of Jesus, human beings were consciously and unconsciously pondering those four questions in various contexts around the world. By asking these questions individually and in community, humanity has discovered ways and wisdom to live through and thrive in complex and mysterious historical conditions.

  • You are invited to participate in the Four Gospel Journey. Participate based on your interest in a gospel or in the question itself.
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  • The Adult Forum sessions will provide support for your journey by expanding the gospel question conversation through music, art and member discussions. They occur on Sundays between 9:15am and 10:00am.
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  • Gospel Reading Guide

    Gospel Reading Guide

    Join members of Trinity’s faith community with your individual spiritual journey wherever you are. By doing this, you will find relationships and supportive materials such as a guide for reading the “Heart and Mind” book and the gospels in tandem. Worship with us and attend Adult Forum sessions on Sundays.