LearningGoing deeper into our faith, together

Faith Formation at Trinity

Faith formation, or education about faith, is an important part of deepening our practice as Christians. Through education offerings at Trinity, we learn about the Bible—how to study it, understand it, interpret it and apply its teachings to our daily lives and choices. We learn how to pray and develop a real relationship with God in Jesus. We explore our own hearts and unique gifts, and learn about the world around us and where our gifts and resources meet the world's needs.

Faith formation at Trinity happens in a variety of contexts: in worship, through preaching, in courses and classrooms, among small groups in Bible Study or book groups, in youth group, during retreats, or out ministering together in the world. No matter what age you are, Trinity has offerings to help you go deeper into your faith and to explore the mysteries, abundance and wisdom of God.

At Trinity, children and their parents find a place where they can experience the holy, learn the sacred stories, build friendships and practice spiritual rituals they can replicate at home. Trinity’s Children’s Ministry seeks to offer the kind of spiritual support to children, parents and families that equips them to recognize and delight in the Spirit both within them and around them.