A parishioner once summarized the essence of the Episcopal Church in ten words: “When we come to the altar, we bring our books.”

At its core, the Episcopal Church is a “liturgical church,” which means that it conveys and engages its theology through Eucharistic worship. We learn, grow and deepen as Christians by coming regularly to the altar for worship, sustenance and renewal so that we can go back out into the world and do the work God has given us to do. “We bring our books” refers to the Book of Common Prayer that has shaped and directed our worship since 1549.

The Episcopal Church is made up of people and faith communities who represent a broad spectrum of social, cultural, political and theological diversity. We are one body through Holy Baptism, prayer, worship and mission.

For an excellent overview of the Episcopal Church, its history, sacraments, and programs click here and look for “What We Believe.”

Summer Worship Schedule


9:00 am | Sanctuary