About Trinity


Like Episcopalians and Anglicans around the world, we at Trinity Excelsior are “people of the book,” which means we worship every Sunday using the Book of Common Prayer. First compiled in 1549, the Book of Common Prayer has been evolving ever since, both rooting us in our tradition and encouraging new words and expressions in our worship as our experience of God changes and deepens over time. 

We prize our connection to and relationships with one another. We understand that no one person knows all there is to know about God – that we need other people to learn and deepen our faith. Each of us has been shaped by life, and every person's life story has meaning that enriches us. From our youngest members to our elders, we are grateful to be connected to one another. And most importantly, there is always room for more people!

Trinity is a congregation that values open-hearted conversations that thrive on curiosity and respect difference. We believe in reason and experience, in the power of questions, in helping others, and in the possibilities of mystery. We try hard to practice deep listening, where everyone has a voice and no one is alone as we walk together in Christ. Annual Report 2020

Our Staff

The Rev Devon Anderson
Rector | About
Eric Bigalke
Director of Music | About
The Rev Dr Anne
Priest Associate | About
Sarah Kimmelman
Parish Administrator | About
Gary Veazie
Facilities Manager | About
The Rev Chip Whitacre
Deacon | About
Amy McGrew Headshot
Amy Mcgrew
Interim Minister for Children, Youth, and Families | About

Our Vestry

Members of the Vestry are the elected leaders of the parish. Partnering with our clergy and staff, the Vestry manages our financial affairs, oversees policies and procedures, establishes action plans, and evolves our beautiful building and grounds. But most importantly, the Vestry cares for the spiritual and programmatic vitality our church. Through prayer and reflection, the Vestry works hard to align Trinity’s hopes and plans with Jesus’ commandments to love God and our neighbor.

Chris Commers
Senior Warden

I have served on the Trinity Vestry once before and have been active in our youth program over the years.

Betty Bright
Junior Warden

I cherish Trinity’s heartfelt support for each person on their evolving spiritual path, where we can serve others in helping ministries and find renewal through music and liturgy, among friends of all ages.

Sarah Allcock

From the beginning, I have seen Christ's admonition to "love each other as I have loved you" in play at Trinity. This can be seen in the people who worship here and the work that we do. This is why I choose Trinity.

Julie Campanelli
Julie Campanelli

I think of Trinity as my family, my church family - a congregation of love and respect for self and others. Trinity offers opportunities to grow in faith, serve others and connect with other members in meaningful ways. Our family is grateful to have found Trinity.

Ajit Daniel

We have chosen to drop anchor at Trinity, which, through its liturgy and nurturing ways, exemplifies that Christian faith is "the substance of things hoped for

Margaret DiMarco
Margaret DiMarco

I am so grateful to be part of Trinity’s loving community. I feel connected, supported and on a path of real spiritual growth.

Matt Frerichs

My faith and my family are central in my life and Trinity, our church home, both nurtures and inspires our spiritual growth through worship, fellowship, and community.

Steve Roman
Steve Roman 
I am so glad that my family landed at Trinity.  This is an amazing and warm community grounded in Jesus’ teachings of love, inclusion, compassion and outreach.  Trinity challenges me to live a life focussed on God and others while nurturing the Gospel message.
Christopher Williams

Trinity is the community and fellowship within my family. Many close and lasting relationships have been created here.

Adam Young

From the first service we attended, we know that Trinity was a very special place. It is a place where all are welcome to worship and explore their relationship with God.