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The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

— Rev. Chip Whitacre (Sunday, July 23, 2017)   Read Listen

Trust From the Deepest Place

"While acknowledging our need to understand life, both Jesus' parable, the reading from Isaiah and a recent physics discoery urge us to trust God's deep abiding presence wired into the very structure of creation itself and in each of us."

— Rev. Dr. Anne Miner-Pearson (July 16, 2017)  Read   Listen

Spiritual Autobiography by Monica Wiant

"During the Sabbatical season, we are inviting parishioners to present their spiritual autobiography in the space normally dedicated to the sermon. The author can experience a profound exercise in faith exploration and those listening honor the journey and remember that God continues to speak to us."

 — Monica Wiant (July 9, 2017) Read  

The Third Sunday after Pentecost

— Rev. Chip Whitacre  (June 25, 2017)   Read Listen




Most Requested Sermons

Post-Election Apocalypse: What Do We Do Now?

"It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work."
— Rev. Devon Anderson (November 13, 2016)  Read  Listen

On the Anniversary of 9-11

"What were the spriitual aftershocks of 9-11? What did we learn about God and the many faces of God on that day?" 
— Rev. Devon Anderson (September 11, 2016)  Read  Listen

Riots are the Language of the Unheard

"What are we to do about racial injustice and riots in Baltimore in light of the Gospel? "
— Rev. Devon Anderson (May 3, 2015)

God Waits Patiently on the Other Side of Our Fear

"The Parable of the Five Talents is not a lesson about stewardship or using our gifts wisely. It is a commentary on fear. And fear, as Jesus knew so well, is life's only true opponent."
— Rev. Devon Anderson (Nov 16, 2014)

Reclaiming Jesus' Love Language

"Contrary to what we might think, 'No one comes to the Father except through me' may just be the single most loving, inclusive, visionary statement Jesus ever made."
Rev. Devon Anderson (May 23, 2014)