At Trinity, children and their parents find a place where they can experience the holy, learn the sacred stories, build friendships, and practice spiritual rituals at church that they can replicate at home. Like adults, children need to find words, rituals, stories and silence to experience the world of the Spirit within and around them. Trinity’s Children’s Ministry seeks to offer the kind of spiritual support to children, parents, and families that equips them to recognize and delight in the Spirit both within them and around them.

During the summer of 2017, Randi Shapiro, a member of the Handbell Choir and an expert in children’s education, designed a nursery experience to align with the vision of Trinity’s children’s ministry. The remodeled space, new materials, and purposeful guidance by our staff will help our little ones be better prepared spiritually for Trinity's faith formation ministry, now named "Trinity Play”, and for communal worship.

Nursery Staff

The nursery is staffed by Celia Brokaw and Eliza Locke, Minnetonka high school students. They come to Trinity with a breadth of experience working with infants and young children and have undergone our training to understand and implement the goals and methods of the nursery.


The nursery is open from 9 a.m. until ten minutes after the end of the 10:15 a.m. service.


At Trinity, children are also welcome in, and invited to attend, Sunday worship.  “Better the sounds of children during the service, than the silence of a dying church!” we like to say. The Trinity community welcomes children to participate in all worship alongside their families, or other members of the congregation.  

In the main Sanctuary to the side of the altar is a large rug for children as an alternative to sitting in the pew. Soft toys and books are available for quiet play. Pews near the rug are meant for parents for close proximity to their children. We also have Children’s Bibles on hand, next to the baptismal font, and children are invited to follow along with the scripture readings using this colorful and engaging book.