• Welcome to Trinity!

    Welcome to Trinity!

    We provide a warm and sincere welcome to visitors. We hope you find at Trinity an inspiring place to worship and an engaged, welcoming community. Read More
  • Summer Service Schedule

    Summer Service Schedule

    May 27 to September 2 — One Sunday 9 am service.
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We are a healthy, vibrant, happy community of faith populated by people of all ages. Through worship, learning, and community we seek to live our lives as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. Please join us. We put much effort into living as an open, welcoming community. We strive to provide a warm and sincere welcome to visitors and newcomers with the hope that they will find at Trinity an inspiring place to worship and a community ready to embrace them.

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Blessing Wall

The scriptures we read during Advent comprise the single most rich, pastoral, breathtakingly beautiful collection of verses of the church year. And they all point to the same thing: in everything, all around us, God is on the move. Something new is happening right now. To help us live into that truth, an Advent Blessing Wall was erected in the main Atrium at Trinity.

Built by Mark Hurley, the wall invites parishioners, young and old, to describe the ways “God moves” around them at this moment, and for what they are thankful this season.